Deep Tech offers scuba diver training through SDI and PADI.

Deep Tech offers scuba diver training through SDI and PADI. Although there is little to choose between the two routes the SDI course allows the theory training for open water and speciality courses to be completed on line. The on line modules are available for purchase from the Deep Tech shop – simply go to the SDI page and click the on-line theory logo. Our SDI training is also geared so that the student can progress smoothly from scuba to technical training through TDI. So if you are thinking of completing something like the “SDI Solo Diver Course” or of becoming a “techi” the SDI route might be the best one for you. If you simply want to train under one of the most widely recognised agencies in the world then opt for PADI. More information is available by clicking the PADI or SDI logos on this page or if you would prefer to discuss your scuba training needs e-mail or call one of our scuba diving instructors.

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Unlike a number of scuba training centres Deep Tech ensure that their open water students have well developed buoyancy control, trim and fin technique. This will ensure students start as they should continue! You will have no fear of damaging the fragile marine environment, disturbing the silt in a wreck or destroying delicate coral formations.  Our high standards also extend to the kit students train with.

Although we have no objection to them using their own buoyancy devices we are able to offer the opportunity to dive the unique Halcyon Cinch system. This allows students to start and progress their training on a system which will meet every demand from scuba through cavern to technical diving. Our instructors dive Halcyon systems, the Eclipse for single cylinder diving and the Evolve for twin set diving. You will have the confidence of knowing you are using a system that has a great reputation and will last you through every phase of your diver training.

Halcyon has a long history as an industry leader in BC design and their newest innovation is Halcyon Cinch (patent pending). The Cinch redefines what it means to dive a backplate, building upon a platform of simplicity while providing unprecedented security and ease of adjustment. Deep Tech has Cinch systems to rent. Halcyon developed the Cinch to save divers time and effort while sizing, fine-tuning and resizing your diving harness. Now you can change suits or divers and adjust the Cinch in a flash; all this without compromising the harness integrity or our trademark, continuous piece of webbing.

Adjustments to the Halcyon Cinch occur by simply sliding the harness through a unique, patent pending assembly. Now divers can easily adjust the fit of their plate in or out of the water – a simple push or pull is all it takes.  If you need a quick way to get out of your dive system; if you regularly change the thickness of your diving suit; or if you train new students in Halcyon rental equipment, this new invention will change the way you dive.


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