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Deep Tech is the most versatile Diver Training Facilty United Kingdom with one of the most highly-skilled training teams in the country, virtually unmatched for experience and competitive on price! We're proud of every diver we have trained, because we know that they have experienced some of the most rigorous and exacting training standards SDI and TDI training structures.

With a constant focus on safety and promoting ethical and disciplined Scuba/Technical/Cave practices, we've trained divers world wide. Begin the experience today by contacting Dave or Guy at Deep Tech.co.uk. If there is anything you need help with, which you can't find on the website please e-mail us or give us a call at Deep Tech. We are here to help.

Deep Tech have a comprehensive on line shop and we are “Authorised Dealers” for Delta P, Otter Suits and Greenforce and MB Sub lights. We sell and promote Halcyon products in association with Diving Leisure Leeds. We don’t just sell the gear we dive it and can offer first rate advice to future customers. We teach single and twin set configurations and although we practise Hogarthian/DIR we have an open mind and are happy to discuss anything including inverted set-ups. Anyone thinking of coming on a course can talk through equipment configuration and ensure they buy kit appropriate to the course. Contact Guy or Dave to discuss your requirements.

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Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor has been diving for almost 25 years. In 1995 he became an Advanced Instructor and Military Sub-Aqua Diving Supervisor (SADS). Dave’s interest in Technical Diving started in the same year and by 2000 he had become an Advanced Trimix Instructor. After a busy 4 years of teaching he qualified as a SDI/TDI Instructor Trainer. Dave is also a BSAC instructor in Oxygen Administration, Practical Rescue Management, Advanced Diving Techniques, Chart work & Navigation. To date Dave has qualified in excess of 300 divers in UK and overseas locations such as Gibraltar, Jordan, Oman, Hurgarda (Red Sea), South of France and Belize. Dave has also organised numerous overseas expeditions and completed over 3,000 Dives. In 2000 he assisted Rod MacDonald on a Trimix expedition to survey the wrecks of the Hampshire, Prince of Wales and Repulse which featured in Rod Macdonald’s book “Into the Abyss”. During the Joint Services Trimix Expedition to dive HMS Prince of Wales and Repulse in 2002 Dave planned and supervised all aspects of diving. Dave is both an accomplished diver and Instructor/Instructor Trainer.

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Guy Wallis

Guy Wallis is a TDI Full Cave Instructor as well as Advanced Mix Gas and a range of other TDI Technical Courses. He has been a cave diver for over 15 years and has dived sites all over Florida, France, The Czech Republic and Hungary. Guy completed his Cave Diver Instructors Training with Larry Green, Training Director for the National Association of Cave Diving (NACD) and is a recipient of the National Speleological Society Cave Diving Section (NSS-CDS) "Abe Davis Safety Award". He led a Military Trimix Dive Team in 2002 to dive HMS Prince of Wales and Repulse in the South China Sea to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of their sinking. The expedition was televised in the BBC documentary "the Death of a Battleship". He also supervised diving in 2,000 during Monty Halls Expedition to photograph Morelet's Crocodiles in the Belizean Jungle which appeared on TV. He has been published in a number of diving magazines including Diver Mag, Scuba World and Beyond the Blue. Some of his favourite photographs have appeared in Rod Macdonald's book "Into The Abyss". Having recognised a gap in diver training publications he has recently written a number of Deep Tech's manuals for DPV, Side mount, Cave Stage and Cave Survey. A knowledgeable and experienced instructor always ready to improve course training content and material.


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Nick Hartley has been diving since 1992. In the 18 years of his active diving life Nick has completed some 1500 dives of varying types. During this time he became a BSAC Instructor in 2004 and a PADI Open Water Instructor in 2008. His primary interest is Technical Diving and he has completed most of the Technical Diving International courses up to and including Advanced Trimix. He is an instructor in Oxygen Administration, Practical Rescue Management, Advanced Diving Techniques, Chart work & Navigation. During 2006 Nick qualified as an RYA Level One Boat Handler and Diver Coxswain. Nick is also a Military Sub Aqua Diving Supervisor (SADS) and has planned and supervised diving expeditions for various organisations in Egypt, Malta, the UK and Gibraltar.

PADI Instructor
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Steve Kirkman has been diving since 2000 and can teach up to TDI Decompression procedures. He has over 1,000 logged dives and is an SDI and BSAC Open Water Instructor as well as a PADI Dive Master and Joint Services Sub-aqua Dive Supervisor.  He is a TRIMIX and Re-breather diver and is working towards his TDI re-breather instructor qualification. Steve’s main diving interests are deep wrecks and more recently cave diving.  Steve completed his cave diver training in France and has also cave dived in Florida and the UK. He has organised a huge amount of sub-aqua diving in the UK and Mainland Europe but has also dived in the Ascension Islands, Truk Lagoon, Australia, Vancouver Island, Crete, Malta, Thailand, and Red Sea to name a few. Steve is also a TDI O2 cleaning Instructor and Poseidon Regulator Servicing technician.

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Dave Rowbottom has been diving since 2001 and is a PADI, EFR and more recently an SDI open water scuba instructor. Dave had a busy summer in 2009 logged over nearly 200 dives in some breath taking places such as Malta, Egypt and of course the UK. Dave’s love of wreck diving has taken him to some of the best wreck dives in Malta but also made him realise the importance of  Technical diver training to explore known wrecks more fully and discover  the deeper less dived wrecks. Dave is especially keen to teach scuba using Deep Techs preferred scuba configuration of Halcyon Eclipse wing with Cinch harness, H valve and dual Regs. This makes the transition to courses such as SDI Solo Diver and TDI Tech courses as smooth as possible! As Registered and currently practising Paramedic he has a love of teaching the most up to date and current information through Emergency First Response First Aid and CPR courses. Dave also holds the RYA level 2 powerboat award and numerous dive specialty instructor ratings with PADI and SDI. 

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Brian Ingle has been diving since 2002 and is a TDI Dive Master. He has over 500 logged dives, most of them in caves. He has cave dived in the UK, The Lott and Dordogne and Florida and has dived such notable sites as the Eagle's Nest and Emergence De Russel. He has also done some deep wreck dives in the South of France and UK and frequently dives the South Coast of England around Portsmouth. He has done some more scenic diving in Belize and Trinidad and Tobago. Brian is also a CPROX Administrator and Mixed Gas Blender and kean underwater photographer. In addition he is an IT wizard and set up the Deep Tech Web Site.

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